Custom Paint by Number Photo Kit

Size (Inch)

Create Your Own Personalized Custom Paint By Number Kit! 

Customize your very own paint by numbers kit. A perfect project to paint your personal portrait. It would also make a great gift.  

Not only will you get the mental benefits of sharpening your mind by unleashing your creative side, but you will have an amazing piece of artwork when you are done. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Numbered durable canvas 
  • 3 Different sized paint brushes
  • 1 Pre-Numbered Acrylic paint set 


  • Please send us a high-resolution photo. Need a clear photo 800*800px
  • Backlight photo is not suitable
  • Photo color should not be too complicated
  • The background and subject color are very close


1. Once you have placed your order, please email us the photo you would like to use to create the custom DIY paint kit at 

2. An effect picture will be created and we will email you to confirm with us within 24 hours with your approval

3. Done! Processing will begin...

NOTE: Paints may dry easily. When not in use, please cover the paints to avoid pigment from drying and hardening. If there is a bit of dryness in the process of painting, you can put 1 to 2 drops of water in the paint and stir.
Please try to complete the project no longer than 2 months after opening the sketchpad. If the time is too long the lines will be shallow and may affect the quality of the finished painting.

These kits are printed to order. Please allow around 3 weeks for delivery depending on demand.