Calming Paints™ Paint By Number Mouse Eating Cheese Kit For Kids

Size (Inch)

Calming Paints™ Paint By Number Mouse Eating Cheese Kit For Kids!

An ALL new paint by number kit designed for kids or anyone who wants an easy, fun paint by number!

We have fallen in love with our new designs for these kits because of their simplicity and relaxation that comes along with them.

Why Painting is Good for Kids: 

  • Builds Self Esteem: When painting, everyone is different. This is a good thing however because it allows your kids to express themselves freely and builds up their self-esteem. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to paint. 
  • Expressing Themselves: When your child begins to paint, their creativeness is laid out on the paper. This allows them to express how they feel the painting should be.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Painting on a detailed canvas with brushes such as these helps develop fine motor skills (small muscle control).
  • Self Confidence: Once a painting of theirs is completed, an accomplishing feeling will be achieved and spark interest for more!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Numbered Mouse Eating Cheese Kit on durable canvas 
  • 2 Different sized paint brushes
  • 1 Pre-Numbered Acrylic paint set 

These kits are printed to order. Please allow around 2 weeks for delivery depending on demand.