Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I clean the paint brushes?

A: Our paints are water based so simply rise them in warm water. They are also non-toxic so not harmful to the environment if rinsed in the sink. 


Q: I waited a long time to start my kit and now the paints seem dry, What can I do?

A: Our paints are water based so simply add a couple drops of water, close the container and let sit over night. Your paints will be as good as new. 


Q: My canvas got folded and now there is a crease in it. Is it ruined?

A: Our canvas material is a cotton-poly blend. You can iron out any creases with standard household iron on the lowest setting. (be sure to turn off the steam)


Q: How long do I have to wait to get my painting kit in the mail ?

A: We print to order so depending on demand it usually takes 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door. 


Q: Why did I receive a partial order ?

A: In order to have the largest selection of kits on the internet we used multiple warehouses. Usually your kits will arrive within days of each other.